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Sand and sky
6 January 2008

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Kamagra on Profoundly Creepy
thanks for the share

Ksenia on Profoundly Creepy
Hey! I just wanted to leave a quick comment. I am having a fun vacation =) I have been in St. Petersburg last weekend, ...

Ksenia on Profoundly Creepy
Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog ^^ I'm glad you enjoy the recipes....and the stories =) How long have ...

Sharon on Profoundly Creepy
How utterly bizzare!! LOL

cloudscome on Profoundly Creepy
Yikes! That is freaky. I'd love to hear the story behind it.

M(mmm) on Profoundly Creepy
. . . and disturbingly beautiful. (great light, too)

gawdess on Profoundly Creepy
eeeeek! makes me think of the fondant or marzipan infant models that someone makes, really true to life only edible. ...

gawdessness on Playing the Building
an intriguing photo and beautiful light caught too - I clicked through the link too, I just found the picture that ...

gawdessness on Olde tyme tug-of-war
what yankee said and then some - love the expression on his face and the feeling that this photo could have been ...

yankeetransferred on Olde tyme tug-of-war
Good lord here is another one of your wonderful portraits! You do a great job with people-I love your photos.

yankeetransferred on No urinating. It's the law.
Only in New York!

gawdess on No urinating. It's the law.
textures of the bricks and the sign are wonderful and I like the worn out aspect of the sign too. great capture.

Yankee,Transferred on Happy birthday Brooklyn Bridge!
Oh I just love how this is almost monochromatic, except for the flag. This is great perspective.

gawdess on Happy birthday Brooklyn Bridge!
this is stunning, the stark lines and the grey tones and then that sharp hit of almost stained glass colours of teh ...

Scrivener on Condemned
I was also going to comment on the rhyme. I like "join the human species," too.

Bright Star (B*) on Condemned
I like that rhyming is involved here.

Rev Dr Mom on Channel surfing--ur doin' it wrong
Wow, that is awesome!

yankeetransferred on Channel surfing--ur doin' it wrong
Nobody is better at the city people shot than you.

Scrivener on Channel surfing--ur doin' it wrong
Wow wow wow. This is really amazing. What a great scene.

Ianqui on Channel surfing--ur doin' it wrong
This picture was taken at the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. They had these inflatable chairs ...

luminouslens on Channel surfing--ur doin' it wrong
What in the world?! How strange... Where did you find her?

gawdess on Channel surfing--ur doin' it wrong
possibly one of the best people scenes ever! I love how the pink is integral not overpowering. it makes me want to know ...

luminouslens on Fields of blue
This is so pretty. I don't think I've ever seen purple blossoms on the ground like this.

luminouslens on Fish out of water
This is gorgeous. I saw it in my feed reader as a thumbnail, but it's much more impressive in the large size! ...

gawdess on Fish out of water
great title and I like the textures and light

M(mmm) on Fish out of water
Love it! (It could also be called "water out of fish!")

Yankee Transferred on Sakura Matsuri

gawdess on Sakura Matsuri
vivid and gorgeous contrasts, I would like to be standing under them.

angelfeet on Fields of blue
Wow! That blue is so gprgeous. I love blossom on the trees, but the carpet it makes on the ground is beautiful.

Yankee Transferred on Ephemeral Carpet
Lovely photo, whether the color is true or not. The untrained eye does not care.

luminouslens on Ephemeral Carpet
This is SO pretty. I was just taking pictures of the "pink snow" myself today. :) As for your color ...

gawdessness on Ephemeral Carpet
I love the word ephemeral, and I love the fleeting nature of this carpet and the extra lines and textures of the bars ...

Rev Dr Mom on The swallow sits still
Beautiful bird and awesome shot!

gawdessness on King of the Lake
glossy is right, love the layered feel of grass,sand and water too.

yankeetransferred on King of the Lake
This blows me away.

M(mmm) on The swallow sits still
This is such a perfect shot. The verge of movement. The slice of time. Formalism at its best. (When I saw the title in ...

gawdessness on The swallow sits still
As you are indeed a rock star, just like YT says, I humbly beg to be included in your entourage of hangers on! This ...

yankeetransferred on The swallow sits still
WOW! 1. He sat there. 2. The color. 3. The DOF. You are a rock star!

gawdessness on Fields of blue
this is so lovely to look at. Like the rain fell from the sky and turned to flowers as it passed through the branches.

yankeetransferred on Fields of blue

Scrivener on Chuck Close is creepy
Haha. What a great shot, though.

yankeetransferred on We're not in New York anymore, Dorothy
This is the kind of photo I wish I could take! You are a master at these.

gawdessness on We're not in New York anymore, Dorothy
look at that place!!!! it is like a still from a movie!!!!!

yankeetransferred on Chuck Close is creepy
The light is terrific! And creepy, indeed.

gawdessness on Chuck Close is creepy
wonderful likght in there and so crisp and I agree with the title.

museyme on What the other half sees
What a fabulous picture! (And a great view from the apartment, too)

cloudscome on Incipient Spring 3
Love the light in this.

jo(e) on What the other half sees
What a beautiful shot.

Rev Dr Mom on What the other half sees
Great view! Like YT, it makes me miss the city even more!

Yankee Transferred on What the other half sees
I so love this photo! Makes me miss NYC even more than normal.

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